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Mostly, cute animals crashing their heads with guitars.


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Posted by RedbatX - July 29th, 2021

As you can see in my previous post I started a project, a big (very big) illustration with cute animals fucking. In fact it's a game, I ask about the future updates in Twitter polls while I'm working in another, so the people decide the details. I will brings news about it to Newgrounds too, not every update but a bunch of them, don't want to sound like spam. This is going to be active for some months, the project is huge, believe me, you can check out the new poll in Twitter and the current illustration in the gallery (The pic is going to be updated each time).

This version includes:

-Lesbian couple of turtle and red panda.

-Oral sex with a shark.

See ya.

Posted by RedbatX - July 20th, 2021

Yep, let's make a big illustration with lots of cute animals fucking, cause I can't understand my life anymore.

Well, technically I'll be the one drawing but you people can participate too voting for what's next. I already done some characters but now the people must decide future updates till the piece became complete. By now we're choosing if the next is a girl-girl or boy-boy couple and what animals will use.

Here's the link to the polls in my Twitter account, if you're around that social dump you can vote. In the pic below there's more info about it. Also check how the thing is going in the gallery. It's a project for practice and for fun, if you enjoy it let me know.



Posted by RedbatX - September 9th, 2020

To anyone who read this:

Hi, there, I'm new around here. I'm Red_bat, some kind of illustrator. I spent some years drawing webcomics and such, always interested in cartoons, the humor specially, I have some experience with comic strips, simple shapes and colorful worlds. But as creator I'm also particurally interested in the contrast between cute things and badass things. I love both and I tend to mix it. Sometimes the result is REALLY crude and it's becoming a problem lately, it's difficult find a place with the minimun content restrictions and artists who share my interests and style, so I hope that Newgrounds can help me with this, I'm hungry about knowing new people. If you're looking for some dregree of NSFW, heavy metal appreciaton, and fun I could be that kind of person.

As extra note, I also love coloring, I got some level in this field if you ask me and I enjoy coloring oher people works.

Check my work in this gallery (which I will progressively update) or in the other links in my profile.

I'll see you around.